TaintedAppleTainted Apple. Kathryn and Danielle. Mother and Daughter.

Or perhaps, mother and bossy daughter (that’s me!). It all started with a desire wear designs that were fun, blissful, colorful and at times, just a little sexy. I wanted to channel that vintage, 1950s look, sophisticated, delicate and playful whilst being complimentary of my not-so-complimentary hourglass figure. After much begging and pleading, I convinced my mother (who had sworn never to sew again) into creating a few designs for me.

And it was love.

No more unflattering, too tight, not right dresses. They were perfect. A dress that gave confidence, instead of taking it.

Tainted Apple was born, the limited edition designer line. We represent the tainted, the girl with an edgy side. She’s not here to blend in and be part of the pack. She won’t be defined by anyone’s boundaries, and she most certainly won’t play by your rules.